THANK YOU for a wonderful day to extend the love of Jesus to our community who attended this event. Please let the team that you served with know that I am very thankful for all of their time to come to this afternoon. Thanks to those who set up and cleaned up. So many comments were shared: “I can’t believe this”/ “this is amazing”/ “so many people from the community”/”people from your church would volunteer to come and give out candy and play games” ---so to God be the glory! Pray that those who attended would think about where they stand with the LORD, come and visit a service, come to our outreach events etc.

It was a great day and you all made it happen!!



Just wanted you to know we delivered your beautiful cards to the patients this morning. They were so touched and excited! I wish you could have seen their reactions. It was completely unexpected.


Thank you so much for thinking of us and please let the children know what a tremendous impact they had!


May the coming year be filled with only joy and good health for you and for those you love.

thank you note.png

The club received a letter from Governor Christie recognizing the work that these children are doing to make their community a better place.