The Coffee Potter Contest

Coffee Contest 

One of our favorite local businesses, The Coffee Potter recently added Kids 4 Kindness as one of the beneficiaries to their monthly coffee subscription program. In an effort to thank them and have some fun, healthy competition we are hosting a Coffee Selling Contest! 

When: March 1st-31st 


Who can participate: Any members of Kids 4 Kindness 


What are we selling?: 1 pound bags of The Coffee Potter coffee 


How: Simply download the attached order form and keep track of the names of the people you are selling to and how many pounds they buy. You will not be collecting any money however, you’ll need to either email or verbally give buyers the Coffee Potter shop link (listed below) where they can purchase the 1 pound bags. At the end of the month you will turn in your order forms and The Coffee Potter will match the buyers listed with what was actually purchased from their site (so it’s important to follow-up and confirm people are truly buying). The coffee can be shipped anywhere in the US so take advantage by reaching out to friends and family near and far. 


Order Link: 

Prizes: Once we determine total numbers of pounds sold, we will award one prize in the following age categories- 




Thank you for your support!